“The killer in me is the killer in you.”

A simple Smashing Pumpkins lyric to start the post! It’s probably going to become habit to do something like that, I mean, it’s nothing special but it saves trying to come up with something gripping and original. Especially at 1a.m. when all I’m dying is for some sleep to cure this ungodly hangover!

Not to say too much about the lyric, it’s just something that I’ve found kind of relevant in day to day life. Everyone claims to be original, yet there’s things that they’ll see or hear and they’ll start to pick up on it and use it in their lives. I’m not claiming that everyone’s a copy, because they’re not taking an entire personality and molding themselves around their hero or someone they idealize and obsess over, and it’s quite cute just to notice that these things happen. Granted, sometimes it’s a little creepy. I’ll give you two examples, one that’s creepy and one that’s “aw, that’s actually pretty cute,” kind of things. Let’s start with the creepy…

So, a few months back I had just started talking to my now-boyfriend. I mean, I didn’t know we were going to start dating, so it was a kind of like “you’re real cute and I like your face, hey,” kind of thing. We spoke a lot, and about absolutely everything and I kind of got to know him (through the internet, of course) and he got to know me. It wasn’t until a few weeks into it, I pretty much came across a girl that was the exact replica of his personality. It was terrifying, she spoke like him, she abbreviated the same words as him and it was just borderline obsessive. Not to sound all big headed and stuff, but I was the one who won him over by not being him, so I think it worked out a lot better for me in the end. I just found it real creepy, I mean, really? Do you think being that similar is going to score you man-points, girl? Probably not. There’s a difference between common interests and molding yourself into something completely different. Be yourself, you won’t need to hold up an act in the long run if you do get somewhere.

There are cute similarities though, where people kind of pick something up and without realising, uses it. It could just be words that someone likes the sound of and takes it away and uses it elsewhere, or that the word is drummed into their head so much by one person it genuinely finds it’s way into their vocabulary. Being Welsh, I have a lot of different words for different things. Here’s an example: “dwt.” You’ve kind of got to pout your mouth and make the oot noise in the middle, but that means small. So if I’m talking about a small dog, I’ll be like “he’s dwt” or something. I’m not sure, I’m terrible with examples. Back to the whole point of this text, anyway! I find it adorable when someone just picks up on something as little as a word like that, and they don’t realise they do it but it happens. I’ve noticed a lot of people doing it, and I have been noticing it for a few years. I speak to a lot of people online and over the internet, frequently skyping or even my friends here in real life who aren’t really down with the lingo will just start saying these words after I’ve said them so many times.

It’s fair to say that everything comes from somewhere, and well done to you if you were the creator of something that has found it’s way into the mainstream! Unless it’s “fetch…” 

I could expand on this for hours, and not only concentrate on the language side of it. It just proves that similarities are something that can be there to begin with, and can develop over time. It’s super cliche to end posts with “hey, be yourself!” but it honestly is the best way of doing things. If you act differently, you’re only lying to yourself and everyone, and the act you have to keep up to continue impressing whoever it is you’re trying to, is only going to fall short and you’ll get caught out one day. It won’t even be a thing of “hey, you’re not who you said you were,” it’ll be something more like you said you liked something, they kind of reference it and you just don’t have the slightest of clue what they’re on about.


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