“Peel me off this Velcro seat and get me moving, I sure as hell can’t do this by myself.” [UPDATE]

It’s so hard to write when everything is so suffocating. I hardly get any down time to myself, and even when I do it’s filled up with taking some relaxation, a good film or some hard-earned gaming time. Unlike last summer, I’m spending most of my time working and then being tired from work and then having to fill up that tired time doing something for somebody. Finding time or even motivation to write half-interesting blog posts are beyond me some days, and when I do feel like I have some sort of idea floating around, I’m in the middle of a days work and by the time I get home I have forgotten everything. I know, that’s not a great writers-attitude, is it?

I’ve made a few changes to this blog. Firstly, the categories. It keeps the hardly-existence posts away from everything else I’d like to try to motivate me to keep this cute little blog alive. I’ll be trying to write updates on here regularly (which you’ll find a nifty little Updates & Posts link on the navigation bar! Cool, right?) but it’ll mostly get filled up with half-finished creative writing. That way, I can somehow keep this blog alive and give myself some more motivation to get posting and I can also keep my writing projects in one place. Side note: I’m also looking for some kind of critique on my writing, so whenever I throw the first piece up, I’d totally appreciate some feedback!

Secondly, I’ve started a new blog! It’s still pretty cute, but I’m keeping it separate from this one since it’s not really a creative/ personal or updating kind of blog. Mostly a blog about my spare time that’s filled with games and music and some books. It’ll be cool to get some readers from here over there too, so if you fancy a quick look then check out https://alaskaarlikesgames.wordpress.com/ (I told you it was cute.) 

Lastly, and maybe my favourite update of all is this: I passed my first year of University! I know, it’s only the first year, right? Things get a whole lot harder in the next two, but I passed my first year despite everything that’s happened over the last couple of months and hopefully I’ll be able to do the same, if not better next year. I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading and commenting here for the support they have given me over the last couple of months, and I genuinely appreciate everyone’s words of encouragement that’s kept me going and pushed me forwards. You lot mean a great deal to me and I couldn’t be more thankful ♥♥♥


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