New stuff!

Anyone who regularly looks at my blog may notice that a few things have changed. Not only do I have a super cute font for these little on screen words, but I also have an entirely new category called ‘Real Life,’ and that’s what it is!

Keeping this short, the plan is to tackle every day things in the media with my own thoughts and opinions. Opinions matter and I really want to be able to have you guys join in and share what you think too, whether the same or entirely different! I want to hear from all of you.

Another thing is the 30 days challenge! Everyone has heard of it, but this one is the road to happiness. I’ve spent far too long dwelling and sharing my own tangled thoughts with my fellow readers, and whilst I plan on making sure you all know I’m here for you, I plan on finding my happiness again with pictures and words. The idea is to write one thing a day that makes you happy. I highly suggest anyone who relates closely to my usual blog posts to do the same, and make sure you let me know because I’ll be there to read everything you write and encourage you on your journeys!





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