Outta Peak ‘Loveproof’ Review


Originating from the exotic land of Italy, Outta Peak have done what they can to make a wholesome, dedicated band. Since their formation in 2010, the quartet have experimented frithelessly with music and shows, growing at an alarming rate and finding their sound. 2012 marked their first release of “Never Forget Never Regret.” Their first release, sang in Italian and English, consists of songs such as “Megan Fox,” and “Hate Your Goodbye.” Bass boosted, lively and charismatic with drum breaks and energised guitar riffs, “Never Forget Never Regret” started their journey to where they are today.

OUTTAPEAKFast forward to now, Outta Peak have released their latest album Loveproof. They’ve evolved since their early releases, developing a certainty in their sound and portraying a brilliant sense of growth. There’s a confidence in their music know, and as the album plays “Dear Christy,” the band’s current direction has taken it a notch heavier, but keeping it just as lively. If there’s anything the band has stuck to since their first release, is their ability to play vivaciously and to create perpetual music.

Outta Peak have an exceptional understanding of creating songs that stick with it’s listeners. “All In My Head,” is a brilliantly composed song and easily one of the album favourites. It’s a song that forces clapping, and with a memorable chorus, a bit of a sing along. There’s a few songs like this on the album, such as “Dirty Blankets,” and “Rest In Pieces.” The guys have truly mastered the creation of chorus’s that get you riled up and ready to scream at the top of your lungs.


Loveproof is a full length, 43 minute album comprised of a plethora of songs that will most likely strike a chord with anyone. Now residing in Sheffield, UK and signed to Human Hearts Records from Arizona, USA, Outta Peak have some big plans for their future. Currently putting on shows around the UK and reaching areas such as Glasgow and Swansea, Outta Peak’s motivation is far stretched and full of passion.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and stream their album Loveproof below on Spotify.

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