ONE STATE DRIVE Releases Official Music Video for “Ouchtown, Population You Bro!”

Pop-punk Oxfordshire boys, One State Drive recently released the official music video for their 2017 single ‘Ouchtown, Population You Bro!’ (WHICH YOU CAN CHECK OUT HERE!) Working alongside the likes of Bert and Eric from Chunk! No Captain Chunk! at Alias Studio, One State Drive are truly letting their talent and potential shine.

Within seconds of the opening frames, there’s a heavy punch of pop-punk attitude hitting you like that morning coffee – and it doesn’t reside for the duration of the track. They’ve 0008636003_10even got that punk rocker personality a match with a video filled with dick joke Easter eggs and an inflatable T-Rex getting up to all kinds of no good. It’s fair to say that One State Drive posses the right components to fit the ever expanding world of pop-punk and the like. The video in itself is comedy gold, with genuine moments of laugh-out-loud material, and no matter how much you see those giant inflatable T-Rex’s doing silly things on the internet, nothing is quite tickling as seeing one driving down an idyllic road of vibrant shrubbery and scenery with it’s head hanging out of a bright red Ford Fiesta.It’s actually quite heartbreaking watching Suit-and-Tie get bullied by a T-Rex in what’s probably the worst day of Suit-and-Tie’s life. We feel for him, we really do – even if T-Rex has tapped into our schadenfreude mentalities. One State Drive are more than just jokesters making entertainment music videos, though. They have some real potential and a hard-hitting sound of pop-punk that really feels like it resonates the old-school sounds of New Found Glory sprinkled with a pre-December Underground AFI, and all that aggression inside the late 90’s pop-punkers.


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