Review: MAYPINE – In The Back Of My Mind

20799924_453307101719264_463182109330886952_nThe UK pop punk scene is bursting with energy, showing a huge amount of determination, passion and all over fun interactions within the community. Brighton based MAYPINE joined the scene mid-2016, and have already taken thousands of listeners by storm. Taking their music to the stage, their notability came from the lively and exciting shows that really stuck in your mind and making you question, “who is MAYPINE?”

21272489_460910904292217_3812576184233086093_nIn The Back Of My Mind is their first recorded EP where Maypine took to Emeline Studios with producer Ian Sadler, who’s previously worked with artists such as ROAM and Homebound. The first track, ‘A Little Sooner’ is their facebook biography captured in one song, supporting evidence of Maypine being one of the most exciting pop-punk bands in the UK. ‘A Little Sooner’ is full of the kick of a pop-punk band, but combined with melodies of a trained guitar, Maypine have really taken their creativity and turned it into reality. It honestly feels like the picture you want to draw in your mind, and having it turn out better than expected. As we move into ‘North/South Divide’ the distinctive vocals become more appealing as you listen on. It’s easy to say that pop-punk is catchy through the instrumentals, but Maypine have vocally and musically created this anthem-esque music that could well and truly fill up venues with ease. Alternative clubs hear the likes of Neck Deep, sending the crowd into a flurry of excitement, and it’s quite easy to imagine Maypine following the same footsteps.

‘North/South Divide’ not only has the appeal of vocals, but an emphasis on the drums and bass proving that every instrument is vital to their overall sound. It’s very upbeat, promoting subconscious body jerks whether you like it or not. One thing to say about the production of In The Back Of My Mind is that it’s such a clear, modern sounding recording, that one of the most appealing aspects is the sound of traditional pop-punk which have likely been remastered for the ears of today’s upcoming generation. An example of this, is third track ‘Inside Out’ that really shows their ability to create a heavy hitting pop-punk sound and high energy. As a band, Maypine have a real chemistry between them, turning musical ideas into reality and being the pop-punk band we all didn’t know we needed. Their music fits into playlists beside Microwave, ROAM, Neck Deep, pre-American Idiot Green Day and even Blink 182. Pop-punk has expanded, changed and grown over the years, almost sounding completely different to how it started back in the early 90’s, but Maypine’s fresh take on the genre that so many have come to love is appealing across all generations. As ‘Inside Out’ progresses, we hear the heavy breakdown, representing and proving that their talents are far from being explored.

‘Never Far Apart’ is an acoustic song, that really compliments the voice of lead vocalist naaame filled with emotion and passion channeled through music. It’s actually quite a lyrically beautiful song, and eventually moves into the works of the whole band as the vocal emotion peaks, letting the instruments take over. It’s a masterpiece, in every sense of the word. The band have cleverly managed to draw emotion through every component, ending the song in the same relaxing way as it started, taking you through twilight. The EP does come to an end a little too soon as we hit the final track, ‘Day After Day.’ After the incredible display of talent throughout the compilation of songs, it’s only right that Maypine shows one last push of energetic spirits as they close In The Back Of My Mind. Constructed of melodic guitars, cadenced drums and an aggressive bassline, ‘Day After Day’ is the perfect ending for their first, massive step into the pop punk scene.

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