The Used release latest track ‘Over And Over Again’

Is this real life? Is there really new material from the beloved alternative emos, The Used? Are we dreaming this?

It seems like we aren’t, and three days ago The Used released the track across all platforms, including an official music video. With the announcement of new music, excitement has been fluttering around the place in anticipation to hear the new music, and finally it’s here. With just over a month to go until release, The Used have released debut track from the new album The Canyon  to tie us over. The new track, ‘Over And Over Again’ can be watched below:

Lead singer, Bert, has such a unique sound to his voice that rarely changes, but adds that important The Used sound lapping over every track, but what’s interesting is their latest direction of music. One of the most exciting things about The Used is their alternating sounds throughout each album, and with the debut single ‘Over and Over Again,’ The Canyon has already taken a different vibe, and one that is welcomed by a vast majority of people. It’s quite poppy in respects to their previous masterpieces, and it isn’t a bad thing. It’s an appealing sound, with the opportunity to reach new audiences and hopefully, we’ll get to hear a little bit more of The Used in everyday life.

The Canyon, set to release October 27 of this year was reportedly what The Used described as a compilation of songs as if “they were on stage with no backing track” and it was “unlike anything other that The Used have done.” The full-length LP is a long winded 17 songs, so we can all overdose on the music that have grown with us over the years. As of now, the track listing stands at:

01. “For You” 

02. “Cold War Telescreen”

03. “Broken Windows”

04. “Rise Up Lights”

05. “Vertigo Cave”

06. “Pretty Picture”

07. “Funeral Post”

08. “Upper Falls”

09. “The Divine Absence (This Is Water)”

10. “Selfies In Aleppo”

11. “Moving The Mountain (Odysseus Surrenders)”

12. “Over and Over Again”

13. “The Quiet War”

14. “Moon-Dream ”

15. “The Nexus”

16. “About You (No Songs Left to Sing)”

17. “The Mouth Of The Canyon”


There is already merch being sold for The Canyon such as this The Used The Canyon Hardcover, a pre-order for this Light Blue Splatter Vinyl or this Vinyl and Long Sleeve Bundle.  The Used are also currently on tour with Glassjaw around the US, and fingers crossed they’ll be flying back to the UK to promote their new album!

You can pre-order a variety of The Used merch along with a vinyl and digital download or CD by clicking here all released on October 27th! 

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