NOSTALGIA: Our Childhood Pop-Punk That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

red2bjumpsuit2bapparatus2bdo2byou2bfeel2blike2ba2bmanRed Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down

This song is literally a reminder for us of our younger years of angst and the yearning for someone to notice us, even if we didn’t really understand the song in it’s entirety. RJA released the song a whopping 11 years ago, and no matter how many times the song surprises us, it’s still a pleasant throwback in which we’re jumping around the room pretending we’re the lead singer singing to our high-school crushes – or is that just me?

tumblr_n0l4ft91my1rk4sq3o1_500From First To Last – Note To Self

Anyone remember Sonny Moore? I mean, Skrillex before he was into wubba-dub-dubbing? It feels like a distant memory, and almost ludicrous to put Sonny Moore and Skrillex into the same sentence, but to truly appreciate the man behind some of the biggest hits, you do have to know where he started. From First To Last was a band that touched upon our diverse genre’s, and appealed to our singing as well as our indulgence of heavy music.

9f6fc126b7ba976824fc25d2caaec49e-300x300x1Escape The Fate – Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche

Okay, so Ronnie Radke isn’t as high on the pedastal as he used to be nowadays, being booed off stage in his current project Falling In Reverse. But, if anyone mentions the name Escape The Fate, our mind either bounces to most popular track, ‘Situations’ or the lyrics ”Let’s play a game of russian rooooulette…” 

tumblr_no8njnww3w1urh0vko1_500Neck Deep – Can’t Kick Up The Roots

This isn’t an exactly “old song” in terms of age, but Neck Deep have already matured and changed since the release of Life’s Not Out To Get You that brought them a lot of their fame. ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ might just be the song that brought them that attention that turned them into one of the UK’s biggest pop punk bands, and with the tides now echoing the sound of ‘In Bloom’ instead, their iconic sound found in ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ feels like a distant memory that will spike anyone’s body into movement… and strained necks trying to shout as if they were Ben Barlow.

Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn

tumblr_lzgcvugw351r8wb5ko1_500This. Song. Right. Here. I really needn’t say too much about it, since it’s just a great song and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. 2003 Fall Out Boy will live on forever in every punk rock boy and girl!


tumblr_njny7lvajp1tnxjceo1_500My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Would this list really be complete without some MCR? ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ is one of the bands biggest songs that threw them into stardom, but today it’s become a classic within the world of pop punk and angst. It’s a song that matches literally any occasion; partying with friends? Go ahead, chuck it on and watch everyone turn into a theatrical actor. Need to let off some steam? Well, trying to hit some of those notes throughout the song is a challenge, and shouting at the top of your lungs is one way to get all that pent up anger out.

giphyAll Time Low – Dear Maria, Count Me In

All Time Low were huge back in the day, with most people openly enjoying their music but nowadays they’ve caused quite the divide. Nevertheless, the band are always grateful to their fans and have consistently risen with each release. ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ is what we would all send to our crushes back in the day, pretending that they’re in the crowd while we jump around the room like we were frontman Alex Gaskarth (probably all had the same hairstyle, too!)

c640x360_56Green Day – Basket Case 

Now, we’re really heading back in time when these songs we’re the center of most punk-kids’ playlists. Back in the day when MP3’s were our main source of listening to music on the go and where there wasn’t a screen to set queues or see what you’re evening listening to, (OR you could argue it goes back a tad further to the ages of portable CD players that literally couln’t fit in your pocket.) ‘Basket Case’ was a huge point in most of our generation of pop-punk kids, and in a way helped us realise that no matter how weird things got, we weren’t alone. Good ol’ Billie-Joe Armstrong was like all of our uncles with the crazy stories and good advice!



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