Shattered Youth cover photoNorthampton, yet again, has proven it’s growing scene is only getting stronger as more and more bands start surfacing. This time around, we’re given a five-piece metal band with a message in their upcoming track, ‘Shattered Youth.’ Sequoia Throne is a prime example of quite how catchy metal can be, with the ‘Shattered Youth’ intro gently introducing you into a huge track that’s going to pump you up. The leading guitar, complemented by very rhythmic drumming is almost hypnotizing, persuading and pushing you to keep on listening. Let me tell you this, it’s not an easy track to turn off.

“For all these feelings I hold dear,

you swore to me

that we were meant to be

you lied to me,”

In seconds, the track blows up with aggressive vocals, a quick and thunderous change of tempo. With no warning, the speed of the track accelerates instantly showing that Sequoia Throne is a band made of energy with the vocalisation and musical talent portrayed in their debut single is derived from emotion, originality and overall passion for their music. The ingenuity possessed by the Northampton metalheads are clear each second of the track, with every riff by the guitar and precision picking of a string, bang of the drum and reverberation of the bass cleverly combining to create the perfect layer of instrumental sound, all to be topped with the armoured vocals.

Shattered Youth Single ArtThe appeal of the track doesn’t stop at the sound, though. The lyrics, poetic to the metal mind, are more than just relatable and engaging. They’re hard-hitting, personal and scarily accurate to those who didn’t write the song. It’s a feeling, that whether or not has stayed with you over a period of time, has at one or another fleeted our minds. There is, of course, a sole message behind the lyrics. After speaking briefly with vocalist Phil Walker, confirmed the theory of reflection. The inspiration formulating from former school pressures; from repressing your true self to fit the bill; from feeling vindicated and deprived of hope from those around you. The story behind the track is empowering with positive undertones that really give you a sense of self-entitlement to your own spirits and feelings. While lyrically, the track can be perceived to fit a variety of scenarios, there’s no denying the reflective assertion that it does have.

‘Shattered Youth’ has a brilliant level of depth to the track, with the drums and heavy bassline cooperating hand in hand creating a solid ground for the instruments to stand and grow upon. One of the most appealing aspects to the track is that extraordinary sense of multiple layers – it almost feels visually foggy. It’s a very surreal experience to visualise something through the listening senses. They advertise the genre of metal – but it feels like a very complicated hybrid between old and new. The clean vocals that come into play for the chorus showcase an impressive range kicking in the impulses to sing as loud as you can. The contrast between both clean and aggressive is astonishing, adding intrigue to the mystery. It’s honestly a perfect representation of their wavering abilities of clean, aggressive and down-right gritty metal. It’s an exciting first track to hear from the band, building a lot of expectations for what’s next to come.

You can follow Sequoia Throne on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with releases, but be sure to check out their upcoming track ‘Shattered Youth’ on their YOUTUBE on October 20th!

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