Ever wanted to mix the modern with the old? To hear the sounds of 2017s stand out young instrumental talents within the growing industry? Bristolian punk rock band, The Run Up have concocted and pieced together an EP that have sought them praise from all over the world, with recent appearances across the US. Their latest release, a self titled album 10 track EP has brilliantly captured the essence of the band. A compilation of energetic and bouncing punk rock tracks bring The Run Up to the forefront of one of the UK’s most nostalgic band within the punk rock genre.

Why nostalgic? The Run Up have brought an element to their music that’s reminiscent of early 2000s punk rock. While their energy is bursting for the seams, it’s a feel of the old school sound. The ten track album has a compilation of hard hitting melodies and powerful riffs to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. One of the most notable tracks, ‘Busted’ is one that throws their listener into the deep end. Much like opening track ‘WKND,’ there’s a plethora of songs that brilliantly show off what The Run Up is about, promoting the likes of singing to your hearts content along with them. It’s packed full of tracks that are not only catchy, but absolutely mind sticking. ‘Line Em Up’ is another showcase of their energetic playing style and the further you get into the EP, the more The Run Up’s talent for heartwarming punk rock become a favourite to emerge from the UK scene.

The closest that The Run Up comes to slowing down is fourth track, ‘Shark’ which is still as lively as the previous. With each track emphasising the use of each instrument, ‘Shark’ is definitely one that combines all of them and shoving each into the forefront. Next track ‘More Colours’ shows a little more angst vocally, but doesn’t defer from their energetic, happy-go-lucky music style that has brought us this far. Each track on this EP is a further show off of the bands talent, but one thing The Run Up have managed to do, is maintain a unique sound that has won them the praise they have so clearly deserved since formation. It’s easy to see why the band has gained the hearts of so many and as it nears Christmas, The Run Up are one of the first bands that would probably be placed on a punk rock Christmas playlist for when you’re so behind time, you’re bouncing around the kitchen trying to make the turkey cook a bit faster.

With all the talents heard through each track, The Run Up have an obvious chemistry with their instruments. It’s an easy observation to make as the EP delves deeper. ‘Learning Loss,’ is a track that compliments the work that The Run Up have to deliver. There’s a lot to enjoy about this EP, and The Run Up have perfectly concocted a punk rock sound with depth.

Follow The Run Up on Facebook and listen to their EP on Spotify or BandCamp.

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