RAYNE ‘Complex By Design’ REVIEW


Alternative rock band, RAYNE released their seven-track album early December that’s pushing the alternative boundary to its limits. The three piece from Sunderland have an exceptional flare for creativity, proved throughout the entirety of Complex By Design. The album is an experience for your musical preferences, bringing new and unique touches to the norm and overall bringing a fresh sound to the scene. Comples By Design is produced spectacularly with crisp and fluent audio showcasing each of the instrumental elements that makes RAYNE’s album a contender in the line-up for rising bands from the UK.

The opening track, ‘Subject A’ has a very authentic feel, and is a brilliant introduction to the adventure RAYNE is about to take their listener on. With the drums and guitar introducing a vintage style piano sound, RAYNE brings you instant hits by indulging in a very vintage style of play appealing to not only the new-generation of kids exploring their interests, but giving those late 80’s and 90’s fans something to enjoy. It’s a very shooting star sort of track, but the surreality of RAYNE doesn’t end there – in fact, the tracks following offer variations of musical exploration. ‘Dolorous’ gives a very anthem-like chorus, whereas ‘Love Live Learn’ is one of RAYNE’s slower pieces, with a very uplifting undertone. ‘The Great Burden’ is a prime example of the ingenuity of RAYNE. Heavier in tone, it’s a track that captures emotion within seconds and as the chorus rolls in and the instruments change their notes and tones, ‘The Great Burden’ becomes a somewhat motivational and combative. The album is compiled of tracks matching emotions, making Complex By Design a refreshing listen for every occasion.

With only three members, it’s astonishing to believe that everything heard on this album is the mixture of talent they all have to bring forward into their music. The creativity and hard work that the men behind RAYNE have put into their latest release is an exciting entry into this new and upcoming band. The limits are endless, and RAYNE is more than willing to push forward with their imaginations, giving us an exciting, fresh and genuine taste of what’s achievable if we work hard at it.

You can listen to ‘Complex By Design’ over on Spotify or SoundCloud. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

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