Adam R Carpenter ‘Aviation Club’ REVIEW

img_0397Adam Carpenter, a songwriter and musician is about to drop his forthcoming EP Aviation Club this Friday, January 19th. The EP, his fourth install meant and follow on from his 2016 Lost At Sea is inspired by Carpenter’s favourite film, Kiki’s Delivery Service and concentrates on messages of loving oneself as well as regaining confidence. A compilation of four songs and an intro, Adam Carpenter shows off his musical talents in a variety of ways including song writing and instrumentally.

Something to note about Aviation Club is it’s ability to capture emotion in the instruments. First track ‘Northwest Countryside’ shows a brilliant understanding of complimenting each instrument with the introductory piano fluently gliding into the sound of guitar, creating a unique and prominent voice for each element that creates  what is heard. While Adam Carpenter falls into the category of folk and country, his music streches boundaries and becomes something a lot more – almost theatrical and stage-like. ‘Somewhere New’ gives another spin on the Aviation Club EP, showing the unpredictability that instruments and songwriting has. With uplifting tones, ‘Somewhere New’ starts like what people would assume is coming, but in seconds, Carpenter shows off the energy that can be brought into the genre. It’s a portrayal of the confidence that an instrument can give you, all the while offerings those motivational and positive vibes that Carpenter has taken influence from.

“Somewhere new I’ll be free, staying true to my beliefs.”

Here is where’s the emotion of Carpenters music really comes into play though. While showcasing his talent for upbeat, happy and positive music isn’t just as strong when the music takes a slightly darker tone. With an element of mystery, ‘Anything’s Possible’ confronts relatable moods and attitudes in every day life. This is where Aviation Club starts to resemble a story; the changing tides of emotion felt throughout life. The lyrics “anything’s possible when you’re  feeling better” is a huge message, sitting nicely in the middle of the EP reminding you that no matter what, things do get better. The contrast in each song has a place in anyone’s lives, whether it’s on a playlist for ambience, on long drives or when you need that motivational pick me up, Aviation’s Club delivers in many ways. Title track, ‘Aviation’ is one of the stand out tracks from the EP. Having a very Tom Petty-esque feeling of the 1989 track ‘Free Falling’, Carpenter bounces back towards the positive vibes offering a sense of reflection and relief after the emotion captured in the previous track. Althohgh, the conclusion to the Aviation Club story doesn’t come to an end until final song, ‘Crow Song.’ Rounding up the EP with an uplifting track, ‘Crow Song’ brings a justified and wholesome ending, bringing a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Adam Carpenter is currently working on an album that will follow Aviation Club to yet again display his lyrically poetic talents as a songwriter and instrumentalist.

Aviation Club is free to download HERE as of January 19th.

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