Next Year ‘Resolutions’ EP – OUT NOW


Loughborough boys, Next Year have dropped their first EP Resolutions that is bringing our moods right the way up. The three track EP is filled with energy from the get-go, definitely showing what’s to come in the life of Next Year. It’s a very easy EP to get behind, with fast-paced, upbeat pop-punk rhythm, scream-your-heart out lyrics and the perfect amount of heavy to really get down to the headbanging. With influences such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and NOFX, the three-piece has really managed to incorporate each of their influences in a creative and ingenious manner bringing Next Year to life with the promise of high-energy, body bouncing gigs.

With each track having their personal USP’s and capture points, Next Year has some real potential to become a rising band in the UK scene. First track ‘Fall Apart’ is a brilliant introduction to the areas that Next Year can reach, and the ingenuity of guitarist James Brown with quick finger work and power strumming. Showing their talents in all the different areas are what brings Next Year into the forefront of January’s releases, not being afraid of putting in all their efforts. Being the first EP to come from these small-town English boys, the instrumentals are so carefully crafted that they all come together in such a mismatched, energetic way that really sticks out. Even with a change in atmosphere in second track ‘Hit The Ground,’ they still have that upbeat undertone that makes pop-punk the enjoyable genre that has blown up in recent years. ‘Resolutions’ definitely shows off the talent and dynamism behind drummer Alex Hurd, and cadence of bassist George Fall. All-in-all, this EP is a stunner that compiles the work of nostalgic riffs and vintage pop-punk with the modern day trends.

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