Toronto based band, Service Delay have recently released their latest EP, Koda that’s had brilliant feedback. Five-piece band, Service Delay who’s prime aim is to have fun doing what they’re doing, has a variety of influences including Blink 182, Green Day and Alexisonfire have come together to bring the world music that we’ve been craving for ever since the sound of Jimmy Eat World – but now we have the added bonus of heavier beats and a fresh sound. Koda is available on all major streaming platforms, and hard to miss with the incredibly cute and attractive album artwork. 

It’s easy to see where Service Delay’s influences come into play from the get-go. ‘Cavities’ has a very early pop-punk sound, like the Blink 182 demos. It’s an aspect that actually adds an attraction to their style of play, with the mixture of instruments coming together in a very vintage way. Their emphasis on bass lines and drums is one of the biggest things that jump out at you instantly, and it carries on into second track ‘Bogues.’ Its a shorter track, but with heavy impact. It’s a quick show of the areas that Service Delay have confidence in, and their heavy tone is one to be excited about. ‘Obligations’ is another short from the EP, but has just as big as an impact as their full length tracks. With short, heavy beats, Service Delay has nailed the sound for them. They’ve created a unique, distinctive sound for themselves, making Koda such a stand-out EP. ‘I.N.Y.B’ had the heaviness of the guitar, with distinctive, gripping sound. Koda has a lot of energy behind it, and kudos are a must for what their songs entail. They’re a massively appealing band, with catchy lyrics that become anthem-like, making the Toronto quintet an easy contender for uprising pop-punk bands. ‘I.N.Y.B’ is one of the most stand-out tracks on the EP. Its sound is poisonous, in its most positive form. It’s definitely a track that sticks with you and keeps your body moving and your mood in high-spirits regardless of the situation. While completely different in tone, they’re a band very much like Zebrahead with their pumped-up, “let’s get going and party” tone.

‘Back To Life’ has a brilliant bassline holding the track together. While it’s not as high-energy as the previous, Service Delay has huge talent in a variety of areas. With the ability to really adhere to what people are enjoying, they have a unique technique that separates them from the norm. ‘Back To Life’ is slower in town, although doesn’t lack in an angst emotion displayed through hoarse vocals that bring the track, well, to life. The spotlight definitely shines on the bassist though, with outstanding cadency and complimented by the surrounding instruments.  Overall, Koda is a mixture of tracks that will pump you up, get you moving and ultimately get you singing along with Service Delay instantaneously.

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