LifeLust Release New Single NADIR


Cardiff based four-piece, LifeLust are an alternative metal-based band focusing on melodic ambience and gruelling breakdowns. Already showing signs of being a well-established band with clear indication of their direction, LifeLust is more than a little intriguing. Releasing their debut single recently, it’s easy to see that LifeLust has put their heads together and worked hard to create the image that we see today – and it’s paid off.

NADIR is intense in energy, packing that punch that metal has in seconds on the track starting. The production of the track is immaculate, with clear, unrelenting sound that really brings every instrument into play to make this insane, epic sounding track. There are many appeals to LifeLust, including the way that the vocals are passionate and tense, although not too harsh to give the music a hostile emotion; the way that the guitar and drums work together with chemistry to bounce off of each other with ease; the way that the heavy tempo is cadenced and rhythmic, straying from the mismatched instrumental metal sound that has recently taken the scene by storm. The track is full of depth, anthemic moments and more importantly incorporating harmonics, heavy basslines that compliment the profoundness of the overall track atmosphere.

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Putting in plans for a 2018 release, LifeLust is in full swing to show the world what they can give. Already showing massive talent and distinctive sound for their desired genre, the four-piece are bringing excitement to the local scene and beyond.

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