GEAR UP FOR VALENTINE’S DAY – Playlist and Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is, whether you like to admit it or not, something to everyone. You could be the hopelessly in love maniac buying flowers, chocolates and staying up late making the perfect track compilation; you could be the one who’s just been broken up with and you’re sewing up your heart while listening to Real Friends on repeat; or you could be the one eating your normal dinner, on a normal 14th of February not partaking in the commercial holiday that everyone has saved money for. It’s the time of year to scribble hearts and “I Love You”‘s in red, glitter decorated cards and music and their meanings become emphasised. That’s why we’ve made two whole Valentine’s playlists to fit your mood, or you know, just have as background music.


Our Pure Love Valentine’s playlist is mixed with some of the best love-song tracks that have captured our emotions and made it easier for us to talk. Including tracks such as Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ and Say Anything’s ‘A Walk Through Hell’, this playlist has a little something for everyone or at least a few songs that will really hit you in the nostalgia feels.

Of course, Valentine’s isn’t the best of holidays for everyone. There are the people that have been left high and dry, and that’s why we’ve got this Pointless Valentine’s playlist that’s got a little more than pop-punk and a bit more punch. Including (a lot) of Taking Back Sunday and Neck Deep, we’ve thrown in a bit of Silverstein and Senses Fail to really liven up the angst this Valentine’s. spotifylove



Still looking for last-minute gifts, or just want to spoil yourself with all the stuff that’s going on sale? Here are a few of our favourites. We will not be held responsible for the amount of money you spend.

  1. Grindstore is known for their alternative merchandise, and it’s a good place to splurge if your significant other likes their gifts a little on the weird side. There’s a super cute A Whole Lotta Love Yellow Backpack or this Alchemy White Hart Black Rose Pendant. Alternatively, you can visit their Anti-Valentine’s section that can really bring out the witty-sarcastic person we know you can be.
  2. PULP currently have a huge sale of up to 70% off going on – and is known for their flurry of music merchandise, you can’t really go wrong with getting yourself or your significant other a band shirt of their liking. Blink 182 band shirt? Sorted for £9.99. Slayer tee for those finding it hard to come to terms with their break-up announcement? Get yourself over here for £9.99. All their sale items can be found here.
  3. Kings Road Merch has seen us through birthdays and Christmases, or even to spoil ourselves after a hard day. Pre-Order this Alkaline Trio Past Live Blu-Ray or this Shape Shift With Me 2x Clear Against Me! Vinyl. Check out their sale by clicking here and pick yourself up something nice this Valentine’s because, hey, you’re awesome.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 



**this post contains no sponsered links - anything bought by clicking these 
links will not give us any commission unless stated otherwise.**

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