FEB 2018: Bands To Check Out

Over here at Post Punk Press, we’re getting a lot of new, fresh music in our inboxes every day and there’s a good few that really stick with us. Last year, we couldn’t get enough of Penelope Tree’s The Scenes You Create, High Visions’ Waving The White Flag or Parallaxis’s DissonenceYou can find a few more of 2017 highlights by clicking here where we wrote about some of our favourite artists, but 2018 has already given us a huge flurry of bands and artists that are adding to our day to day lives. As we come to the end of the month, we’re concluding some of the best bands that have found their way into our hearts that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.


  1. Service Delay

In January, Toronto based five-piece band Service Delay released their EP Koda that’s combining some of their influences such as Blink 182, Green Day and Alexisonfire to life in their energetic and heavy impact music.

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23172755_811951088984239_5663995002123841987_n2. Flowers For Charlie

This band is crossing lines between pop-punk and ska with their energy-driven sound mixing the likes of Less Than Jake and Bowling For Soup. In student accommodation in Manchester, Flowers For Charlie are set to be launching their EP at The Eagle Inn, although the band has released ‘Hearts Apart’ and a live recording of ‘Starcrossed.’

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27400047_10210392491081034_114004670_n3. Sullen State

A Movie To Not See was released on the last day of January and proves just how much punch Liverpudlians can pack in their music. They have clear direction as they work towards establishing their sound, although Sullen State is not afraid to explore each area in the time being. They’ve got masses of potential as the band already have huge chemistry in their music.

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23316347_1591884720833163_7305828132786015963_n4. Those Without

Swedish pop-punk band Those Without recently released their EP Blackout//Amnesia. The five-piece have strayed away from generic upbeat modernity and incorporated their melodic ideologies into a fast-paced environment of stand-out bass work, hard-hitting drums and a mixture of distorted, clean and cadenced guitars. Sitting atop of the audibly balanced instruments is vocals of lead singer Oskar, who adds probably the biggest selling point to Those Without. With an industry full of missing T’s, the accented vocals set the band aside from a clogged-up scene of rising bands.

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@nextyear5. Next Year

Loughborough boys, Next Year released their three-track EP Resolutions that’s filled with energy from the get-go and jeering everyone on with fast-paced, high-energy music combining their influences of Sum 41, Blink 182 and NOFX. Being the first EP that Next Year has released, Resolutions is a display of massive potential and almost a guarantee of a body-bouncing gig.

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Check out our Spotify playlist including all of these bands, and more! It’s updated regularly. Spotify

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