Electronic rockers, They Called Him Zone has recently signed to Manchester based Eromeda Records and have announced their first album and confirmed shows around the U.K. this year. Intriguing in title, God, Sex, Death, Sin is due for an official release date soon, although They Called Him Zone has put out a teaser that’s drawing attention. Taken from their upcoming album, the band has released the single and music video for ‘Death Drive.’ Calling all Depeche Mode fans – this ones for you.

‘Death Drive’ gives sense to their chosen genre, a mixture of synth, darkwave and post punk – it’s a mixture of things but most certainly appealing to those of us who enjoy the late 80’s style of music. Bringing back the sounds that made that era exciting, They Called Him Zone have brought it back to life with a modern twist. They’re a stand out band, with their latest video showing a lot of dedication to their music. With such an unusual sound, They Called Him Zone are very established in their position, bringing an aura of mystery and excitement to a niche that went underground over a decade ago. For existing fans of the group, God, Sex, Death, Sin is another step for They Called Him Zone to really hit new audiences, while their pursue of dedication is finding new fans along the way.

Talking about the upcoming album, vocalist and producer Mik Davis says:

‘We’re just finishing the final track on the album, ‘We’re Only In It For The Drugs’. Other titles include ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Your Not My Kind’ – existing fans will be surprised to hear that there is one tract that’s actually quite happy and uplifting; this isnt’ something we usually do’

To keep up to date with They Called Him Zone, like them on Facebook and follow them in Twitter, and get to know the band by visiting their site.

Tour Dates 2018:

Sat 12th May – Carpe Noctum, Upstairs @ The Library – Leeds (Supporting Zeitgeist Zero)

Sat 8th June – Reptile, Nightclub Colis – London (with Visage’s Rusty Egan)

Fri 31st August – The Black Rose Ball, De Grey Rooms, York


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