Leeds based pop-punk band This Time Last Year are back with their upcoming track, ‘Maple.’ Since their release of Count Yourself Lucky last year, the quartet has shown a surge of an establishment as they continue their journey into their second release. Earning a place on the Pop Punk Pile-Up stage on Friday the 27th alongside names such as Safeguard, Outta Peak, High Visions and Room 94, This Time Last Year are bringing their energetic, hard-hitting sound in every area. ‘Maple’ is a display of what the band have to offer, with a real sense of progression since their Count Yourself Lucky. Keeping in check with the punk-charged vocals, the talent of This Time Last Year shines through instrumentals ridden with energy.

‘Maple’ is available to stream now on Spotify, where you can follow the band to watch out for their upcoming releases.

Visit the official This Time Last Year site here and check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates.



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