POLY-MATH ‘House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil’ Pre-orders are live now!


Set for release on April 20th via Lonely Voyage Records and Nice Weather For Airstrikes, Poly-Math has confirmed that pre-orders for their upcoming album House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil is now live for both vinyl or digital purchases. To celebrate their announcement, Poly-Math has thrown in a free digital download of their lead single ‘Ink Of Scholars | Blood Of Tigris’ for free from their BandCamp.

“Ink of Scholars is one of the more time-signature-focused tracks on the record. We wanted to blend big riffs with a few confusing rhythms and see where it ended up, so the first section ended up being all 3 of us playing almost entirely different parts to create that jagged, out of sync feel.”

Currently up for free download here, ‘Ink Of Scholars | Blood Of Tigris’ is taken from their upcoming album, acting as a small taste of what’s to come. The track – six and a half minutes in length – is a mismatched ambient experience, with a rhythmic, hypnotising bass-track luring you in. It’s very experimental in nature, although Poly-Math combine their efforts to create a masterpiece of an instrumental with quick guitar and hard-hitting drums.

Their upcoming album is full of complexity, with many intriguing and interesting areas. Being equipped with a reversible LP cover, Poly-Math has put a lot of thought into their work. The album’s concept comes from the 13th Century House Of Wisdom in Baghdad and the Siege of 1258 which led to their destruction as well as being cited as one of the major causes of the end of the Islamic Golden Age. Funded by fans, House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil also includes the voices of supporters that were sent in on the final mix. While the band have a variety of influences including Mastodon and King Crimson, Poly-Math has taken their exploration further by including saxophone, organs and even a small amount of vocals.

Pre-order links for House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil are now live on Poly-Math’s BandCamp. Make sure to grab your free copy of ‘Ink Of Scholars | Blood Of Tigris’ by clicking here.

Keep up to date with Poly-Math on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to check their BandCamp every once in awhile! 


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