DEARIST release music video for ‘Drowning.’

Wolverhampton quintet Dearist have just released a video single for their latest track ‘Drowning.’ Taken from their upcoming second album Sonder, Dearist have spent the last year booking their upcoming shows and hard at work bringing Sonder to life. Being compared to the likes of Taking Back Sunday and Thursday, Dearist has found their place in the industry by filling the niche of an alternative emo genre – a sound we haven’t really had since the early 2000’s when power chords and party lifestyles came out in force.

‘Drowning’ is a good looking piece of video work, displaying the band and setting the tone of the track. Faded in colour and eerie in atmosphere, Dearist have managed to really focus their energy on bringing the track to life in more than just the music. Filled with recorded performances and giving life to the band, ‘Drowning’ is a video for interpretation. One of the most stand out things about the video release along with the track is the lyric “drowning in my own skin” while the woman wears a mask and eventually breaks down – offering a sense of insecurity. There’s a lot to take away from Dearist’s new video release, and definitely interesting to see what it means to different people. Music wise, the track is of impressive production, and the bands similarities to Deftones (although in a perkier way) is a massive appeal as they bring their sound into a wider audience.

“Dearist is very DIY when it comes to the creative side of the band. Not only do we record and mix all our stuff but we are really lucky that Lee (our guitarist) is really good at all the visual aspects. He does all our design and video work, which is great because we get a lot of freedom and time to work on stuff, though we do go overboard sometimes when planning videos.”

-Adam Binder, front man of Dearist.

Sonder is available for preorder here for its April release. This link instantly gives buyers a download copy of ‘Drowning’ along with the bands remastered version of their first 2015 album This House Has No Windows which received huge praise from the likes of Kerrang!, Rock Sound and many more. Being recognised by Thursday’s Geoff Rickly, the quintet’s upcoming Sonder is massively anticipated among the scene.

Follow Dearist on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date – or head over to their Spotify or BandCamp to get familiar before the release!


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