itoldyouiwouldeatyou announce ‘Get Terrified’ EP set for April!


London based septet, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, are back after a short hiatus with new music on the horizon that’s already surrounding them with excitement. Their previous success came from their 2016 release of I Am Not Your Fault. The band grew loyal fans and followers within their local scene, and now they’re growing even bigger, focusing on building a like-minded community of fans. Their most recent lead-single release, ‘Get Terrified’ brings the band back into action with a tremendous punch, combining their indie-punk ways in such a spectacular way. The video, set in an American-style party of red punch cups and end of semester energy, itoldyouiwouldeatyou display their sash’s around their bodies displaying hidden traits to each character.

Directed by Chevy Blazer and produced by a queer art group, Clumsy Bodies that the band have been friends with for a long time, Joey Ashworth says that the video was shot around New Cross where they and bassist Ollie live. “We filmed most of the dance scenes at New Cross House, a pub we generally use when we don’t have wifi. They were really lovely and helped us out at the last minute when our previous choice of venue dropped out!” 

The voice of Joey Ashworth is calming, as they hit their notes in sync with the music that complements their voice throughout. With such a mixture of instruments in the song, it’s impressively organised as each instrument bounces off each other creating such a calming sensational listen, until the sounds become louder and the music becomes more mismatched. One of the most notable things about itoldyouiwouldeatyou is the way that the band have still managed to make dysfunctional, off-beat rhythms sound completely in place. ‘Get Terrified’ is a brilliant track to open the gates and announce their upcoming EP titled Get Terrified, showing off their originality and diversity with fluctuating tempos.


Talking about the video, Joey Ashworth continues to say: “The world around us is trying to make us forget how to look after each other. It is trying to turn the young against themselves and to co-opt the old. It tells the working class that solidarity doesn’t work anymore, and tells minorities that they are on their own. It relies on cynicism. I am angry, but I am not and will never be cynical. So take the feelings and memories that make you up, realise that they and you are a product of your environment, and change it.  Get Terrified is about coming home. Realising the answer was here the whole time, and trying your hardest to love – through anger, through disruption and through solidarity. Get terrified, get angry, and scream love until your throat bleeds. We are coming home together.”


Get Terrified is set to be released April 20th via Alcopops! Records x Failure By Design Records and the EP will feature a discography of the bands physically-unreleased previous singles to date alongside brand new material. Available for pre-order now from their BandCamp page.

ITYIWEY currently have these live dates lined up:

  • 17th March – Aldershot, Westy
    27th March – London, Boston Music Rooms (w/ Daphne and Celeste)
    13th April – Brighton, Washed Out Fest
    14th April – Leicester, The Y Theatre (Kermes release all-dayer)
    28th April – Exeter, Cavern

For tickets and info visit the events page.

Keep up to date with itoldyouiwouldeatyou through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and be sure to check their BandCamp for new releases!  


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