THE MAPLE STATE release music video for WINNER and details for THE THINGS I HEARD AT THE PARTY

a0702814640_10Streaming their single ‘Winner’ on March 2nd, The Maple State have released the music video and are moving forward and gaining momentum as the launch for their upcoming album The Things I Heard At The Party draws near. Releasing on the 23rd of March via Far Out Records, the album will be available on a limited edition 12″ vinyl as well through most good digital retailers. To pre-order the album, click here.

Being an introduction to what the band are about to drop, ‘Winner’ is all kinds of emotions driven by passion and energy channelled through instruments and vocals. Taken from their bandcamp, the description of the track reads “I was in a relationship that came to a very abrupt end when I stumbled upon something pretty awful. I spent the next 24 hours drinking in Manchester, trying to forget what I’d seen and forgotten everything else. Obviously, this only served to make things much worse and I came away emotionally and physically beaten up. So I had a change of tack and spent the following 24 hours in the studio where I wrote and recorded the lyrics to ‘Winner’ in an afternoon. Between that initial emotional trauma and the final vocal takes that you hear on the track, only around 40 hours had passed. And that is why this is the most real song on the album. Everything you hear in my voice, I was living it in that moment.” 

Lyrically, the track is heartbreaking through perception. While brief, it’s gripping in nature with quick turns emphasised by the tone and tempo of the track. The video, engulfed by cinematic views decaying into the cracked scenes of industry, The Maple State have created an artistic piece of visualisation to match their effect. Starring guitarist and vocalist Gregory Counsell, he explains “We love the band Travis and are all huge fans of their videos from the 90s, in particular the video for ‘Turn’” adding “We shot it in a morning and afternoon, I wasn’t aware that they intended to start the video at the top of Winter Hill in -1C with snow and fog… by the end of the video I’m looking pretty well spent, and as much as I’d love to claim that way my acting, it was just me slowly dying.”

The Maple State has already announced details regarding their live shows, although due to their increasing fan base, dates are selling out quickly and in quick succession. Available tickets are on sale here.

To steam title track ‘The Things I Heard At The Party’ click here.

To steam ‘Something In The Water’ click here.

Keep up to date with The Maple State on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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