FALL FLAVORED ‘180’ Review

fallflavouredHailing from Lile in France, Fall Flavored are a mixture of some of the biggest influences in the punk rock industry, exploring each element that really brought the genre to light, offering a fresh modern twist on their music in an ingenious display of their musical talents.

‘Epic & Colegram’ comes with a mass of power behind the volume guitars and a thunder of rhythmic drumming that really binds the track together. The melodic value of the track is something special, promoting movement and giving the song that infectious nature – although Fall Flavored displays their talents in a variety of areas, with hints of heavy breakdowns and a weighty bassline that takes melodic into fist pumping. With fluctuating vocal ranges, the song moves fluently through nuanced tempo, and as it moves into ‘Mountain Of Rage’, Fall Flavored are more than just a one-trick pony. Demonstrating their influences through their instrumental usages, Mountain Of Rage really shows a correlation to progressive rock band Billy Talent, taking on more of a modern twang although really pushing the short and choppy breaks. One thing to note about Fall Flavoured is their ability to move the tracks in diverse directions.

With this album, we didn’t want to put frontiers or barriers to our compositions. We wanted to explore multiple registers of music at the same time, but without denying our punk rock legacy

‘Nonsense’ takes the punch into atmospheric, lead solely by the use of harmonic guitar work, showing keen control over the frets. Much like the previous, ‘Character in a Role Play’ is another boundary-pushing track, combining elements that can be seen in various genres. Being a sort of ‘ultimate-track’ of sorts, the style of Billy Talent is almost mixed with a Cradle Of Filth-esque style as it takes on a darker, eerie tone underneath the distinct feminine vocals. Fall Flavored have definitely grounded themselves solidly in the industry with such a distinguished sound currently unique and untouched within the scene.

The mismatched sound of ‘Runaway’ is charming with climbing power-chords, taking on a party-style sound of contrasting voices bouncing off each other. Heavily dependant on the bass keeping the track in rhythm, it takes 108 in a completely different direction and adhering to almost a different nature. This style runs through into the next track, with quick movement promoting muted chords. ‘Sleep’ is far different than what the title might suggest unless you’re an insomniac, with short bursts of energy instrumentally in sync throughout. ‘Can’t Be Beaten’ returns the band to their full state of punk rock with heavy hitting drums, although this time the vocal range takes the spotlight as the frequency fluctuates throughout, contrasting each verse. 180 is an album to be enjoyed throughout, with no one track similar to the last, spinning an unpredictable edge. ‘Stuck In Life’ emphasises their melodic sound with instruments fully complementing each other, while ‘Courtesy Of Boris’ displays their diversity with quick, pugnacious drumming really throwing out that attitude of the band. Final song, ‘Jump’ is their last display of talent, combining each element that’s played well for them. It’s the most infectious of the album, really sticking in the mind and standing out as one of their best – although each track from 180 really has it’s own appeal.

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