Lunaform – Lunaform EP review

Lunaform are certainly kings of the hype game and they weren’t wrong when they said they had a lot to portray in their music as this release is exceptionally brilliant. Soaring cleans with aggressive harsh vocals really make this release. The melody of all the songs come together perfectly. Hats off to the sheer musicianship that is showed in this debut release by the guys at Lunaform.

If you’re not sure what to expect from this band then incredibly well-played riffs that soar together with the double bass kick and the impressive harsh vocal range from their vocalist Andrew Patterson.

I feel easy that Delirium is by far my favourite on this release as the cleans and screams come together perfectly in harmony over the top of the instrumental side of the band. The ranges that are portrayed in this song particularly are something that is to be desired for with a lot of bands. This band have shown you that you don’t need to be the most down-tuned band to be impressive.

The band alone I feel have come out with by far the best debut release of a band I have heard of in quite some time and it’s no surprise if these guys actually blow up to a massive band after the masses here this record.

I’d 100% recommend anyone to check out this EP as it’s something that has been thought out for quite some time and I am so glad it is finally out because I’ve been on the edge of my seat since they started teasing it.

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