FEED THEM TO THE FOREST release ‘Lie With The Dogs’ and discuss details for CAN’T FORGET

Atmospheric intro to ‘Lie With The Dogs’ includes percussion drumming almost visual offering a sense of bizarre nature. Complemented by a melodic guitar that climbs and descends the fretboard, ‘Lie With The Dogs’ combines some of the most authentic sounds in the industry that has exploded over recent years. Underlined with a low, reverberating bass track, the fluctuating tempo gives the song a real unpredictability as it moves in twists and turns. Being their first track since Six Seasons And A Movie and Black Canary, it’s as though the band has moved forward, honing their instrumental skills with massive reward. ‘Lie With The Dogs’ has a maturity in the track as each instrument ricochets from one another creating a real sense of chemistry between them. Their take on contemporary emo is full of pure emotion, heard through the oscillated vocals.

Talking about the track, vocalist Elliot Partridge explains: “This song is about how you often don’t realise your actions can affect other people until it comes back on you,” adding that “the way you behave and the things you do in your life can not only have a negative effect on other people but also yourself as it can also affect how people see you, and what they think of you-you can’t always pass the blame, and at some point you have to take responsibility for who you are – and that it is only yourself that can do anything to change that.”

Taken from their upcoming EP ‘Can’t Forget due to be released this May 7th, Feed hem To The Forest have been reaching audiences as they previously shared the stage with names such as Ducking Punches, Lasey and Amongst Thieves. Currently riding the waves of momentum, Feed Them To The Forest are rumoured to announce a record release party. Can’t Forget has seen the band pull their talented strings, and as vocalist Elliot Partridge tells, “We wanted to go for broke with this EP. It’s our first ‘proper’ release, so we decided to bring in the big guns with Dave and Alan, who had between them worked with so many of our favourite bands. It paid off and our jaws practically hit the floor when we had our first listen back. It was everything we hoped for and more.”

Can’t Forget is a five track EP that will be available both digitally and physically, available on all major streaming applications. The EP touches upon a variety of emotions including anger, jealousy, denial and misery – “albeit with an undercurrent of acceptance and, eventually, hope,” says Partridge. Feed Them To The Forest currently have three live shows announced with acts such as Ducking Punches, Apologies and I Have None coming up at the end of April.

“The overriding theme is a personal/introspective one. Whilst the individual tracks touch on slightly different topics, they’re tied together by feelings of holding onto the past due to fear of the future / ‘the great unknown’. When we were going back through the lyrics for the release we realised that ‘Can’t Forget’ cropped up a couple of times across the songs and it just seemed to fit perfectly with what we were trying to say.”

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