Kendall Johns (Dead Crown) Interview

We recently had a chat with Kendall of the Portland-based band Dead Crown and this is what he had to say!


1) Who thought of the name and is there a reason behind it? We really wanted a name that identified us and represented us well. I can’t remember who came up with it, but we were all spit balling names and when “Dead Crown” was thrown into the mix it was an instant yes by all of us. It just felt like us.


2) Who would you love to have featured on your songs? I personally would love a hip hop / rap feature on a song. Having $uicideBoy$ or someone of that vein would be sick.


3) Who would you love to tour with if you could only pick 4 bands? My friend Mitch plays guitar in Varials, not only are they sick, but they are the boys and feel it would be fun to tour with them. Besides that, Emmure obviously haha, Gideon and Knocked Loose.


4) What is your fondest memory of music career? Before we started playing shows publicly, we played a CRAZY house show. This house was packed with people, they all went nuts. A PA speaker fell on Brytons head during our set, I got hit a couple times, someone got slammed through our merch table. It was just pure chaos. And this was our first show and we didn’t even have a song out. It was sick.


5) What is your favourite song to play live? My favourite song to play live is a song called “Home” which will be on our EP “Come Hell” that’s dropping on 4/13. Its heavy and super high energy. The song is about sex, so its easily relatable by people which makes it more fun as weird as that sounds haha.


6) What is your favourite lyric you’ve ever written? Probably a line from our latest single “The Seven” which is “Ill show you fear, ill show you attitude, ill show you what it takes, to be the realest in the room”. I had a lot of good feedback on that line. People got hyped on it.


7) Is their a hidden meaning in all of your lyrics on the Come Hell EP? Not really, but if there is anything people can take away from it, its that I tried to be as transparent as possible while writing this stuff. We don’t fuck with bullshit. We are real dudes and wanted to keep shit as real as possible. So whatever I wanted to write about, whether its sex, wanting to kill someone or kill yourself. I just wrote that shit down in hopes someone could relate to it.


8)Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? Hopefully playing sick shows with sick people and hanging as much as possible. Come party with Dead Crown.


It was great to chat with Kendall about Dead Crown. Don’t forget to check their EP out when it drops and the review of it you can find on our website.

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