[REVIEW] LOVEBITES – Social Hell, Available TODAY

promoimageBritish alternative rock band, LOVEBITES are dropping their EP Social Hell today bringing a new sense of the rock and roll genre. Forming back in March 2017, LOVEBITES consists of ex-members of SHARKS, Foes and Octane OK – and their mixed talents brought together brings a unique sound in the form of their latest EP. Social Hell is a DIY job by LOVEBITES, whose four tracks is self produced, funded and released by the band themselves through their own record label, Sabbath City Records. Talking about their decision to go DIY, bassist Christian O’Rielly comments “we were always going to self-release the EP, so we thought it’d be a cool idea to set up out own record label. DIY is a bit part of our ethos. At this early stage, there’s no point in us relying on a record label to put out our music. Obviously we’d love to be signed, it’d be a dream come true to see our records in stores, but not many people buy music anymore, so record companies are less inclined to take a risk on a bunch of young punk rock kids.”

Social Hell is a four-track EP, opening with infectious first-track ‘Tick Along’ that moves in fluent motions, with instrumentals fully engaging in the track at all times. In the run to take the EP’s favourite track, ‘Duppy’ is such an upbeat, story-like track that really puts an emphasis on the guitar. The distinctive vocals throughout Social Hell make the EP such a loveable release, especially in the fluctuating pitches that ‘Duppy’ plays forth. LOVEBITES have mastered the creation of catchy tracks, incorporating elements of surrounding genres such as indie, pop-punk and rock and roll to really finalise their sound.

The third track, ‘Just Fall’ emphasises that bassline, adding depth and moving the track forward through verses and choruses. Incorporating an aged effect into their music, ‘Just Fall’ is almost phonically cinematic, offering clear-cut Autumn pictures if you close your eyes. LOVEBITES have succeeded in releasing such a down-to-earth, wonderful EP to follow you through the seasons that Social Hell will quickly become a rising favourite of 2018 releases. The movement-promoting drums, ricochet off of melodic guitar, and as the EP moves into it’s final and title track, ‘Social Hell,’ LOVEBITES really show off what they’re about. In conclusion, Social Hell is so well thought, played and produced that it’s unique in it’s own league – and LOVEBITES have created such a breath-taking EP that it’ll be stuck in the minds of it’s listeners for awhile. These young punk rock kids have done a brilliant job with their first official EP, and are quickly solidifying themselves and their name in the U.K scene.


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