STATE CHAMPS ‘Living Proof’ review.

written by Bethany Clancy, NY.

In the middle of June, the real start of summer solstice, Albany based pop-punk band State Champs added to the beginning of excitement by releasing their third full length album, Living Proof, via Pure Noise Records.

Living Proof goes to show how much State Champs has grown as a band over the years. They toned down their heavier punk sound that shined through on “Apparently, I’m Nothing” one of the bands earlier EP’s, but doesn’t lose grip of the pop punk roots that shine through on “The Finer Things.” The album thoroughly keeps momentum throughout its runtime, playing into high energy and lyrically fascinating, Living Proof marks a new territory for the band moving forward.

Lead single “Dead And Gone,” co-written by Blink 182 bassist, Mark Hoppus, changed the course of action for Living Proof. While State Champs were in John Feldmann’s studio, Mark Hoppus happened to pop in on a day they were working, collaborating together through the production of Living Proof. “We had no idea he was even coming in,” says frontman Derek DiScanio (via Kerrang). “Then the next day, me and Mark Hoppus are just sitting out by John Feldmann’s pool writing lyrics from scratch. And that ultimately ended up being ‘Dead And Gone’, which is the first single on the record.”

Most bands in this scene have a tendency to focus on either the pop or the punk half of the genre-State Champs perfectly encapsulates an even mix of pop-punk on this latest release. They make sure to incorporate the album title into songs like “Cut Through The Static” as they have done with their two previous albums. Whether you’re experiencing a break-up, reconnecting, or just in that “I don’t know what to do with my life” stage, Living Proof has a song that will help with all of those uncertain situations.

This release is full of what State Champs does best: great build ups leading to choruses, catchy lyrics, and fast-paced summer songs to drive around to.


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