WONDERFUL LIFE by BMTH was originally meant for LIMP BIZKIT

Yesterday, Bring Me The Horizon released their latest track ‘Wonderful Life’ taken from their upcoming album, amo. While the band are breaking barriers between heavier music and mainstream media, their first track ‘MANTRA’ hit a lot harder with an incredibly addictive instrumental. Speaking with BBC Radio 1, Oli Sykes revealed that ‘Wonderful Life’ was originally meant for Limp Bizkit, but after front man Fred Durst didn’t turn up to a lot of the sessions, ‘Wonderful Life’ was put aside, to be picked up by Bring Me The Horizon and Dani Filth. It’s starting to make a little more sense as it’s slightly different to what they’ve been releasing so far.

amo is due for release 2019 and Bring Me The Horizon will be touring the UK next month.

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