The past decade has been a rollercoaster for the industry, we saw highs and lows from all areas. We saw the deaths of legends such as David Bowie and Chester Bennington, saw My Chemical Romance split and then reunite, watched miracle man Dave Grohl take the stage on crutches to do what he does best; David Gilmour did one tour and TOOL released an album after 13 years. We saw Milestones, Mallory Knox, Creeper and The White Stripes disband, yet received some of the best albums to date such as Chris Cornell’s “Higher Truth” (2015) and Royal Blood’s self-titled (2014).

Who knows what 2020 and the upcoming decade has in store for us – but from the last few months of 2019, we have a lot of hope. Winding down the decade with some juicy bits such as My Chemical Romance, Motley Crue reuniting and word of Rage Against The Machine will be touring in 2020, my greedy need for more is thriving. I’ve had a taste of true wonder – and I’m not about to let it end. So, in short, here’s what I’m hoping 2020 and its upcoming decade will bring us –

  1. The reunion of Kids In Glass Houses – it was no surprise that so many of us were upset when South Wales based pop punk outfit bid their farewells, ending their career as a band in Cardiff’s student union. It was an honest and difficult goodbye to say for a lot of us, and it’s about time they came back. Their last bit of interaction from the bands social media was in support of the UK’s Labour Party – which means they came back for They may not be the hero we need right now, but the hero that we want. (Aled, hit me up, I’ve got a few suggestions!)
  2. My Chemical Romance worldwide tour – okay, so this will obviously happen, but I mean WORLDWIDE. They’ve just reunited, played their first show in L.A. and then announced a huge North American tour. Hey, hi, we’re still waiting for word over here! And PLEASE, don’t skip out on South Wales, I’m not sure my heart can take the panic of sold out tickets.
  3. A Chester Bennington tribute – the news of his passing crushed us all. We’ve all seen that viral video of everyone joining in to sing In The End with Mike Shinoda, and it made all of our hairs stand up with goosebumps. In 2027 it will mark 10 years – and we can bet that we may just get the biggest tribute that we have ever seen. Linkin Park may have lost their voice, but their legacy will forever live on in the hearts of many, and their career might take a different path. We’ve heard the rumours of the band not being finished just yet – and I’m sure the next decade will tell us exactly what that entails.
  4. Tom DeLonge – I’m just putting it out there. SOMETHING will happen. He’s been on Instagram constantly uploading photos of his eyes 80% shut, To The Stars Inc are taking their research further and further as time goes on, Angels & Airwaves are far from being done with their experimenting and Poet Anderson needs another book. Will he finally reunite with Blink 182? Will he finally tell us Aliens Exist? Will he open his eyes on his Instagram?
  5. Alkaline Trio New Album and Tour – talking about Blink 182 and the mysterious rise of Tom DeLonge, Alkaline Trio has been quiet since the union of Skiba in Blink. They never announced they were over. They’ve just been Which means that surely we deserve some well-earned Trio love? Fans have been waiting and waiting since they release Is This Thing Cursed? in 2018 – we got no tour, we got nothing. For the love of god, Skiba, give us SOMETHING.
  6. A TOOL tour – so, they released their album and headlined Download last year, but I’m not quite sure it’s over. During interviews, Adam Jones and Danny Carey teamed up, talking about how they are getting older and may not be fit to continue creating the kind of material that TOOL is known for in another ten or thirteen years. I mean, Fear Inoculum was enough after the many years of silence, but that just gives us hope that we may see a little more of them in the next few years than we have in the previous. If anything, (and if they stumble across this little website of ramblings, PLEASE COME TO THE UK!), I’m near sure that we may be getting another album, or some b-sides at least.
  7. NIGHTLIVES New Material And Tour – the South Wales band has been building up some serious momentum, so we’re expecting some new music, new shows, and a new bit of love shown to the South Wales music scene. Welsh bands are currently rising and proving themselves in the industry, and Nightlives may just be the band to take us forth and retain the title of the best city for music and rising talent.
  8. Bring Me The Horizon and Architects – with rumours spreading that the bands don’t want to participate in festivals like Download and their continuous interviews claiming that bands just aren’t doing it anymore, we’re sure to see something from these bands. Bring Me The Horizon just dropped some lo-fi beat album featuring a song 24 minutes long, and Architects have seen more love than ever before. Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes is known for having his fingers in multiple pies – so will we see them create their own festival, will we see them take their band name further a field and entering something different than music? Will Architects and Bring Me The Horizon join forces into some kind of twisted super group where they can bring the life back into the rock music that they claim is dull?
  9. A Nostalgic Kick In The Face – okay, so we’re back bringing up that MCR reunited. (Hey did you know they got back together?) – but, and hear me out. Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy are touring together, Slam Dunk announce The Used, Sum 41, Billy Talent and Jimmy Eat World released a new album – maybe it’s all pre-requisite to a truly nostalgic year. Senses Fail are overdue on their visit to the UK, New Found Glory haven’t done anything in awhile, Taking Back Sunday finished their 20th anniversary tour, The Offspring are jumping back on some festival appearances. We’re going to get something, and I have a little feeling that we’ll be thrown back into our younger years, be it in albums, super tours, collaborations. I’ll eat my own words if we don’t.
  10. Last but not least, former Metal To The Masses Winners Teasing New MusicMerithian went quiet and deleted a lot of their former social media content, leaving us a little lost and confused. But, in November, the page uploaded a 2020 logo as the profile picture, and then, a real treat, gave us a little more context on Christmas Eve. Master hackers aren’t needed to see the spelling of VALENTINES in capital letters laced throughout their holiday wishes, which means we are sure to see something happening this year on the feast of Saint Valentine, February 14th. Here’s to a big year of material we’ve been WAITING for.

So there they are, 10 predictions of the next year and decade. There are plenty others, like a new album from Ghost following their world tour, or  – but those are the big ten that will truly make a girl happy. What about you? Leave a comment below as to what you want to happen, or your predictions!

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