There’s no denying the sheer amount of albums and ep’s that will be releasing early this year, from Suicide Silence’s upcoming Become The Hunter releasing on Valentines Day, to A Day To Remember’s You’re Welcome set for release early in the year. It’s here, and now we’re all counting down the days to our favourite releases, pencilling it into our diaries and patiently waiting for our pre-orders to arrive and streaming services to update. We may get a little early taster with a track or two, but not enough to really conquer our hunger for the albums we are waiting for the most. Not only does it feel excruciating, but it’s a real test to our patience. TOOL took an entire 13 years to release new material because Maynard just wanted to make wine and Vine videos to pass the time, and while we will still be waiting for the an announcement for new MCR record, we have some dates and albums we’re really excited about. So, we compiled a list of what we know for the albums we are most excited for in this first quarter of 2020.

Breaking Benjamin – Aurora – January 24th.

Other than being a band you remember as owning the anthems of your school days, Breaking Benjamin has gone into 2020 with big things. Not only are they touring with KoRn, the Pennsylvanian hard rock and alternative metal band is also nearing the release of their previously teased album Aurora. What do we know? Well, we know that former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm features on the reimagined “Dear Agony” as well as Cold’s Scooter Ward. They really have hit it off with other artists from the industry over the years, with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlin weighing in on “Red Cold River” and Saint Asonia’s Adam Gontier on “Dance With the Devil.” We’re also about to see RED’s Michael Barnes’ contribution to “Failure” as part of an album that has already gained such massive praise from fellow musicians prior to release. With one new song, the 10-track album is mostly rereleased, acoustic songs from the new Aurora-era. Pre-orders have already gone live here alongside Aurora bundles that you can get hold of here. If you’re lucky enough to be around the areas that Breaking Benjamin are touring with KoRn this month, you can go ahead and visit here for tickets.

Green Day – Father Of All… – February 7th.

We all know Green Day never do their albums lightly, and as they move towards the release of their thirteenth studio album, Father Of All Motherfuckers is set for release THIS February. Yep, no more waiting on a new album filled to really project your own distaste for society with frontman Billie Joe stating that “this record is The New! soul, Motown, glam and manic anthemic. Punks, freaks and punishers!” adding that the lyrics weren’t about politics but “the life AND death of the party” and the “lifestyle of not giving a fuck,” to NME last year. Green Day released the title track, and in an interview with Zane Lowe, Billie Joe criticised the recent state of the industry claiming that rock acts are always trying to look for the “feel-good song of the year or something,” and that everything gets watered down and wimpy, adding that rock music should make you feel bad. It’s a bit different to what we know, but still the Green Day that we love that has managed to sell out a tour along with Weezer and Fall Out Boy – so they still haven’t lost their spark and is still racking up the excitement over new material. The artwork for Father Of All… is a riff on their 2004 release, American Idiot, with a few colour changes and a strange attempt to get the kids of the new generation to take a second glance. Unicorns, really? I mean, it’s clearly punk looking, but COME ON.

Hollywood Undead – New Empire, Vol. 1 – February 14th.

Already garnering attention with their release of “Already Dead” and “Time Bomb,” Hollywood Undead are making it clear that they’re not quite finished with their aggressive style. Johnny 3 Tears has said that the album is “our attempt at reimagining Hollywood Undead, not just a new sound for this release, but a new sound for the band altogether.” Releasing the album through the band’s own Dove & Grenade in association with BMG, the two songs are already attention gripping for all the right reasons, piquing a lot of anticipation for the album set for release of Valentines Day. Pre-orders for the album are already live here and they are set to start their tour with a show on release day in O2 Forum Kentish Town in London before heading over to Barcelona for an all out European showdown.

Weezer – Van Weezer – May 15th

Not only is Weezer teaming up with Green Day and Fall Out Boy for their Hella Mega Tour coming this summer, they’re also releasing an album before we see them take the stage (Fall Out Boy really needs to deliver a surprise album release so we can party with ALL new material). They’ve already released a music video for “The End of the Game” taken off Van Weezer but has also released some details claiming it’s “back to big guitars” and is “Blue Album-ish, but a little more riffy.” Weezer has bene known for their songs such as “Beverly Hills” but, unlike the recorded material, the live shows include pauses to include guitar solos in which the crowd goes a little crazy for, so they incorporated the live shows in to their records. Last year saw them release a covers collection as well as the Black Album, and with the inspiration from their live performances, I’m sure we’re not only going to get some individual talents shining through, but a little more insight to the band and who they are as they lose control over their instrumental impulses.


Okay, so there is no release date for this, but it’s THE CURE. We can’t not talk about this. Last year, Robert Smith revealed the details that the band are sitting on three albums, two of which are apparently “more advanced” in terms of including “freer pieces and with a more pronounced, stronger sound, and that to record them has to be live, with that experience of putting together a concept based on the interpretation of the moment,” Smith said. The third album he discusses is a “noise disc, with different aspects and environments, all based on experiences on a stage or on my paths, in situations where noise is present and to which we are so accustomed that we don’t pay attention.” It sounds wild, but definitely interested. But the main thing, is that the first of the three was said to be released “very soon” in an interview that Smith done late last year. He said that the album would be released over Christmas, but here we are again, still waiting. So here’s to hoping we get it early this year!


Foo Fighters is no doubt, one of the best bands of our age. Sharing a black and white photo of a disassembled drum kit on Twitter with about a minute audio of a simple drum beat following by the hashtags, #FF2020 and #FF25, we will be getting something this year from the mighty Foo’s. 2020 marking the bands 25th anniversary of their self-titled 1995 debut album, we could be in for a remastered version, a reimagined version or even a self-titled tour announcement. On New Year’s Day, the band tweeted a similar photo, this one being a microphone set up in a bathtub with the same hashtags. With their last album released in 2017, it’s safe to assume that Dave Grohl is sitting on a pile of unreleased work, itching to make something new as he always has.


Last, but not least, another TBA. Gore was the last album that Deftones released back in 2016, and this year the band is back on festival line ups including Download, Nova Rock and Rock AM Ring. Chino Moreno said that over a summer, the band wrote an “album’s worth” of material and are hoping for a 2020 release, and we’re sure to get it somewhat early in the year ready for them to jump on stage and get us revelling in the greatness. Talking about the news, Moreno has said the band have enjoyed taking their time making it, working on the material for over a year and noting it’s been a bit of a touch-and-go project since the band hasn’t wanted to be stuck in the studio waiting for it to be finished.

With what we know is coming out and what is speculated, 2020 has barely started and it’s already obvious that deciding what the album of the year is, will be difficult. The industry is bursting with new material from bands that were there when we were discovering ourselves, and I’m not sure if you’re feeling it, but I’m certainly feeling a little nostalgic; optimistic that this year is the year. Not only are we seeing the bands from our younger years returning with big promises, but the local bands and artists are bursting with projects that are set to be released in the coming months – and we’ll sure be covering everything we possibly can.

What albums are you most excited for? Leave a comment below!

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