HAARM release Lockdown edition of Take Me Away

With the lockdown permitting just one exercise per day, HAARM have created a wonderfully choreographed music video for their latest release ‘Take It Away.’ The Liverpool alternative pop trio created this sunset ode expressing the creative link between music and the outdoors, dancing through quiet suburbs to the uplifting beats of the song.

With previous plans for the music video, the government rules pushed back the original music video, until HARRM’s long term friend and photographer/videographer, Peter Michael, sparked inspiration. Accompanied by housemate Yos Clarke, they both embarked on their one exersize a day, equipped with a pair of headphones and a video recorder, managed to pull together this iconic music video.

HAARM are calling out to dancers – professional or not – to get in contact with them via email to submit their own lockdown videos for ‘Take Me Away’ that are being shared across their social media. “Anything goes,” the band says, “it’s just about the expression of freedom.”

Taken from their Official Facebook Page.

‘Take Me Away’ is available across online streaming services. To keep updated with the band, or for more information about submitting videos, head over their their Facebook.


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