Remember when everyone was shook to find out that Royal Blood was only a duo creating the music we heard all over the radio and plastered over the TV music channels? It’s mind blowing that a duo could create something like that, and as far as I’m aware – it hasn’t been done quite as successfully since… until…

Introducing, Exit Kid. Starting out in an Albuquerque hotel room back in 2017, the duo consists of Years & Years member, Emre and touring drummer Dylan Bell. The two hosted “Metal Nights” backstage at venues once a week where they and their crews would play 90’s and 00’s rock – and then the light switch went off and Exit Kid was created. Since formation, the duo have won over music press in NME, The Independent and many more with nothing but praise.

Now, Exit Kid has released their latest single, ‘Working Stiff’ taking from their anticipated next release, Garden EP. ‘Working Stiff’ has the charm of a grungy dive bar with sticky floors and chest warming whiskey, it’s a sensational bit that’s certainly going to be drawing you back. There is sarcasm whisked into this punchy piece featuring a haunting melodic finish. As mentioned above, it’s bizarre to think this whole track consists only of two people; a weighted bassline, harmonised guitar and an impressive drum line tying it all together. Following their previous two releases, ‘Hell In A Handcart’ and ‘Bleary Eyed,’ this new addition shows the unparalleled talent the duo have for developing big anthems.

Garden EP is due for release November 27th.


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