Ever needed a little turbulence to get you going? Aggressively driven riffs to start your day. Skip out on your morning coffee, and get yourself over to Glasgow’s own post-punk Dead Pony streaming pages and click play on their latest release, ’23, Never Me.’

It’s filled with energy, probably enough to power the entirety of Glasgow’s power with a deep, heavy bassline, distorted powerful riffs and one hell of a drum beat to tie it all together. ’23, Never Me’ toys with the theme of cutting out toxicity and freeing yourself of negative people. A feeling known ALL too well, by too many people. For the twelve months of being a formed band, their establishing structure of sound has already gained interest and praise from key industry names such as NME and Gigwise, even making their mark on BBC 1’s Radio airwaves. And it’s no surprise! The production of ’23, Never Me’ is an authentic piece by the Glaswegians, incorporating influential sounds but mixing it to fit Dead Pony’s uniqueness.

“We wrote this track when I had come to a point in my life where I was happy with the people that I was surrounded with and how I just absolutely could not be bothered with dabbling in the falsities that often come part and parcel with certain “friendships”. I wanted this song to give the message that it is always okay to stop associating with people who don’t contribute healthily to your friendship or how it is okay to cut toxic and damaging people out of your life”.

-Anna Sheilds, frontwoman.

Quickly rising in Glasgow’s indie scene, Dead Pony has given themselves solid ground as they move towards 2021. With their debut EP already in the works, ’23, Never Me’ is a perfectly developed track to draw excitement and anticipation to their future endeavours.

’23, Never Me’ is now available on streaming platforms.

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