[NEW RELEASE] ‘Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind’ NEWMEDS

This year has been a road of uncertainty for most of us. Not knowing when we can see our family and friends and all sense of normality stripped from reality. While this EP isn’t a direct response to the current situation, it certainly brings to life some of the environmental and societal issues that have been circulating. ‘Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind’ comes as a reminder that despite everything, being you is absolutely the best version to be.

Hull-based hardcore quintet has released their longest and heaviest record to date. Featuring three full length tracks, NEWMEDS toy with themes such as self-forgiveness, physical and mental health and drinking culture throughout. It contains personal reflections, as well as observations of those around them, musically coming together in a Gallows-esque tone of modernity. NEWMEDS have garnered heavy praise, including that of BBC Introducing and live promoters alike with high energy, fierce live shows. Since formation in 2018, the band has seen a year-on-year increase in their structure, strengthening their sound and honing on their hardcore-punk formations.

The record in itself is bursting at the seams with raucous turbulence. From the outset and throughout, it feels like a declaration of confidence and strength. Title track, ‘Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind’ kicks off the three track record in rapid succession, building on their heavy riffs and tumultuous drum beats. ‘Twenty Three’ brings a charmingly deep bass complimented by thunderous drums, bringing a real sense of that “weight on your shoulders” vibe. It’s the most personal out of the three tracks, themed around vocalist Nick Cobley’s battle with Crohn’s Disease since the young age of 12, although uses the track to spread the picture and discusses consumer culture, climate change and the fleeting nature of life. “Everything we eat, consume and do in this time and age can be harmful,” Cobley says, “and there are things we continue to do knowing they are harmful for ourselves and the wider world.” The High Life features the most chilling lyric of the EP, and it’s fittingly the last thing thing you’ll hear from NEWMEDS as they close with it. ‘We’re all just grains of sand. A drop in the ocean, a mix of chemicals. No faith, no purpose or meaning. Poisoning the air that we’re breathing’


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