‘Someday’ by A Few Too Many OUT NOW

Released yesterday, ‘Someday’ by Cambridge pop punk band, A Few Too Many, is a solid declaration of their established ground. Showing off some sweet melodic guitar riffs, ‘Someday’ is completely infectious in nature. Instrumentally the track blends nicely together, doing everything a pop punk track should be doing, however modernised – it’s catchy, it’s punchy and ultimately a song that will get an entire venue to their feet to party.

Vocalist and guitarist, Danny Freeman says ‘Someday is a track about wanting better from life than the current situation that you’re in, knowing it’s out there and that one day you’ll get there.” The track oozes positivity from the lyrics to it’s overall perky tone, and it’ll be hard to not wear a smile joining in for the chorus.

‘Someday’ is available across all streaming platforms now.

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