[REVIEW] DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL – The Narcissist by Singh Lottay

‘The Narcissist’ is the second offering from the long-awaited full length ‘Loss’ (Out April 9th) and offers a much darker side to DSHS than first single ‘Beyond Reach’. The track starts with a build-up incorporating dissonant warning bells recorded by guitarist/producer Jonny Renshaw from a train station in Tateishi where the band were staying on tour 3 years ago.  It is this type of attention to detail that has always set DSHS apart from their counterparts. The drumming on this track deserves some recognition and provides a solid backbone for the guitars to work alongside. The band sound as tight as they ever have, and this track is destined to crush when played live. Vocalists Ed Gibbs and Paul Green trade blows with each other phrase by phrase and the lack of any vocal melodies add to the heavier sound. The two singles released so far are very different from each other in their feel, but both are unmistakably DSHS at their very best. ‘Loss’ is looking likely to be an absolute rager.

We hope those who are craving something on the heavier side find satisfaction in this track, there’s something for everyone on this record and we’re excited for you all to hear it on April 9th.”

-Paul Green, singer for Devil Sold His Soul

You can pre-order Loss via this link.

Words by Singh Lottay.


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