Following up from their 2020 single, New Jersey pop rockers, The Ones You Forgot released ‘Desensitized’ earlier this month that only accentuates their flourishing career as a band. Showcasing their spirit in video, The Ones You Forgot are an exciting group to follow, undergoing growth in their expertise with each release. Unlike their previous single, ‘Something For Me,’ this latest track drops the playful tone for more power and meaning. ‘Desensitized’ has a more empowering feeling, giving The Ones You Forgot another heavy push into separating themselves in such an over saturated industry. They stand out, and for good reason. Incredible display of vocals and lyricism accompanied by a dynamic performance of instruments in an all round presentation of talent is what will see The Ones You Forgot break the mould.

‘Desensitized’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

Words by Jess Morgan.


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