[REVIEW] Biometrix x Rhi’N’B – Empires by Singh Lottay – OUT NOW

This latest single from one of the UK’s up and coming crossover EDM artists Biometrix features a collaboration with fresh new talent Rhi’N’B and it is a perfect match.

Co-written with Matt Bond (NBLM), ‘Empires’ is out now via Tribal Trap and is making huge waves in the scene amassing over 36,000 plays in its first week since release.  The rapped verses of this track sit perfectly over the laid-back beats and deep bass and are delivered cleanly, with precise flow.  The track could have continued in this vein and would have been just fine but Rhi’N’B then breaks out into song on the chorus and it becomes evident that she is no one trick pony.  Her soulful voice provides a great contrast to the verses and really showcases her range.  The track slowly builds to the drop and what a drop we have here.  I genuinely challenge anyone to listen to this and not nod your head or want to move.  It’s groovy as hell.  Biometrix has carved himself out a niche in the world of EDM and ‘Empires’ is certainly one of the best tracks around now.  Rhi’N’B is a find in a million with an outstanding vocal performance on her debut outing and I am excited to hear what is next.

Biometrix’s next single ‘SUPERMAN’ is a collab with NBLM and is slated for release on 12th March via Elysian Records.

Words by Singh Lottay.

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