[REVIEW] Ragwormers – Space Traveller

Fancy yourself some experimental rock? Look no further than Ragwormers, a south coast rock quintet, combining a multitude of influences into an atmospheric vibe. Their latest track, ‘Space Traveller’ is exactly as described, it’s an other-worldly experience of ambience and mood. Using their instruments to create melodies that feel like it floats lighter than air, ‘Space Traveller’ exhibits a near psychedelic vibe where – at times – it feels like the instruments do more talking than the vocals. It’s an instant relaxation type of track, moving with a slow tempo, with the bass in all the right places like a proverbial heartbeat. Before the track ends, the guitar takes on a life of its own with a brief chorus that brings the track to an epic finale of sound. Overall, Ragwormers have shown flair for their writing, constructing a unique sound to represent themselves. It compliments their 2019 track, ‘Save You,’ showing their directional path in development. ‘Space Traveller’ features less vocals, allowing the instruments to do more in terms of conveying the interpretive message. That’s not to say the vocals doesn’t compliment the track, in fact, it adds an all-round magnification of an ethereal experience.

Words by Jess Morgan


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