LAMB OF GOD release ‘Ghost Shaped People’

Metal legends LAMB OF GOD have released killer new track ‘Ghost Shaped People’ from the Deluxe Version ‘re-issue’ of their self titled album which is slated for release on March 26th on Epic Records.

The Deluxe Version will also feature another bonus track (“Hyperthermic/Accelerate”), and will be packaged along with a live recording and DVD of the band’s 2020 livestream performance.

“This album, and in particular, this deluxe edition is something I’m incredibly proud of,” said guitarist Willie Adler

“Throughout the process of writing, recording, and the subsequent filming of the livestream, I knew we were creating much more than a collection of songs. Much more than a simple streamed performance,” he continued, noting, “This was focused energy. Energy that, to me, is very tangible. And now, more than ever, in an era where human interaction is so limited, art… it music, visual, or otherwise, is a human connection point. And we need as much of that as possible! I hope everyone enjoys this deluxe edition as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you.”

This new track absolutely rips! Check the video out below and you can pre-order the Deluxe Version album here.

Words by Singh Lottay.


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