[REVIEW] Medway – Remember August – PRESAVE NOW

Bath based alternative rock group, Medway, are dropping their upcoming track, Remember August, this Friday 26th of February. Formed from experienced musicians, Medway’s first single release, Disconnect only hinted at what the band are capable of. Since then, the Bath group has been fairly quiet, featuring on live streamed gigs such as Komedia with fellow Bath band Squidge raising awareness and rallying donations for Heads Above The Waves. Behind the scenes, Medway have been taking their writing further, bringing us to their upcoming track.

Remember August is a ballad of emotional projection, featuring some spine chilling vocals and melodic instrumental ambience. Using their tools at hand to emphasise the power that Medway harnesses, Remember August is a compelling track showcasing a variety of artistic genius when it comes to song writing. It’s fluidity of motion provides an atmospheric experience of sound that intensifies the overall emotions drawn from the track. It’s a conscientious track recounting past experiences in relationships, questioning and overcoming previous traumas. The delivery of their message is outstanding, providing considered lyrics that string this track together. Remember August is a statement of talent from Medway, proving that their exciting career is one that will grip its listeners with intensity.

Remember August will be available across all major streaming services from Friday the 26th of February – you can head over to the Medway Spotify to pre-save the track now, so that it notifies and shows up in your playlists automatically!

In the meantime, be sure to check out their previous 2019 release, Disconnect to get a taste of what Medway have to offer.

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