[REVIEW] King Cerulean – The Other Side Of The Night EP

Indie funk band King Cerulean have released their latest EP, The Other Side Of The Night today. Being the first collective release since formation, King Cerulean have taken full advantage of showing off their unified talent in the five featured tracks. The Other Side Of The Night incorporates a variety of themes prominent in other genres, which is what really places the EP and the band onto their own unique pedestal.

Kicking off the EP with previously released, Dynamite, King Cerulean waste no time in showing off their catchy song-writing styles and movement promoting tones. Who ever thought we would get a taste of popular 80’s tracks you thought were left on those NOW That’s What I Call Music CD’s, but in 21? And there is something charming about it, She Moves is a reminder of pre-lockdown club nights of rooms filled with flashing strobe lights. Can you call it nostalgic if you’ve never experienced it? De-ja vu? Maybe. What I’m saying is, two tracks into the EP and I’ve forgotten about Scouting For Girls, Razorlight and The Kooks being played over the speakers before the main band comes on stage, and hearing Situation fill the room with excited voices.

COVID stopped a lot of bands from being able to practise, but King Cerulean refused to let it get to them. Ensuring guidelines were followed, the band frequently had socially distanced practises in the park and it shows in their EP. King Cerulean are the embodiment of musical eagerness, confidence and euphoria. The five tracks featured in The Other Side Of The Night is brimming with exuberance, emphasised with a deep bass line that really delivers evocation of ska – a truly complimentary feature heard throughout.

The final track, Olivia is just another taste of what King Cerulean are capable of. Melodic tones make the track mellifluous as it runs through. It’s a different track to the rest of the EP, as if the band purposely placed it at the end to show that they aren’t a one-trick pony and the future of King Cerulean is an exciting journey that will be rewarding, impressive and intriguing.

The Other Side Of The Night is now available across all streaming platforms that can be viewed on the official King Cerulean Website.

Words by Jess Morgan

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