Endscape – Bloodlines (Single Review)

Birmingham based artist Endscape are something quite spectacular. I have not properly listened to them until recently but as soon as I got myself sitting down to check them out, this newest single especially titled Bloodlines is something spectacular! It flows nicely throughout the whole song where every part is showcased but also not over the top. The cleans for me are something that has been noted in my head as they have a certain melody that gets me humming along to them all day.  

The synths that are added into this song makes it quite unique as they build an atmosphere, before the song fully drops and gets me moving my head along to it. I have to also comment on the riffs in this song as they flow spectacular from start to finish which really makes it stand out from other modern songs.                                                              

The lyrics that are ‘So why did we let you control all of our minds’ really stands out for me as it’s something that is commonly happening in the world so I can connect to it on a personal level instead of just listening to it as part of a song,  

Endscape are going to carve a great path in the future and I am excited to be part of their journey! 


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