Portrayal Of Ruin – Lifeless Life (EP Review)

Portrayal Of Ruinn have the trademark sound of a deathcore band down to a T. However, they offer some fresh sounds alongside this with the intro to the EP titled ‘’The Lamentation Of Dreams’’ which really builds up the atmosphere to what will be a perfect gorgeous ear assault that is due to hit.  

‘’Chronic Conclusions’’ which is the second track on this amazing EP showcases some gorgeous riffs, which get you headbanging along to it without you realising it. The vocals which Calvinn does really makes me sit in awe, as with ease he flows it along throughout the song. If there’s one thing with this song is that he showcases his vocal pipes on it. The drop in this specific song comes out of nowhere and got me with the good old stank face.  

The third track titled ‘’Lifeless Life’’ which is also the EP name and for good reason as this song is easily my favourite on the release. It’s just a beautiful ear assault which makes me very happy. This song alone is one I’d recommend to anyone, who would want to listen to this band as it shows everything this band is about.  From gutturals, to highs and even normal lows which you can never get enough of.  

The fourth track titled ‘’Repetitive Awakening Disorder’’ is a very good ending to this EP, which is overall a completely solid release from start to finish. Calvinn yet again makes me impressed with the vocals he portrays in this song, as he manages to change his vocal range throughout the song. Which I never expected to hear on this track. I like the stop and start bits of the guitars and drums, which really makes me think it’s going to go into a drop but instead in to a riff. That for sure is going to be stuck in my head. The drop in this song is the perfect reason, I could imagine the crowd going wild for, as I know I certainly will.  

Overall, this is a solid deathcore release, trademarks sounds but also a bit of fresh sounds. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!  

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