Live Like Animals – Bleach (Single Review)

Sydney based band ‘Live Like Animals’ are back, with yet another unreal track. What can you expect? Well for me it’s like Palisades and Enter Shikari had a baby, and this is the outcome and I’m living for it. The synth beats in this song specifically makes me lose my mind, with how catchy it is and gets me dancing round the house like a mad man.  

Vocally this is probably one of the most interesting songs I have heard in quite some time with how the melodic cleans flow with the aggressive screams. I personally feel I’ll be humming the melody of the cleans months after my first listen. I love it that much that I have probably played it 20 to 30 times in a row! 

The drop in this song alone with the screams really flow perfectly and honestly, I can’t get over how hard hitting it comes in. I can already imagine that the crowd will be going mental for this part of the song and if I was there then I’d definitely be joining in with them.  

If you’re after a band that remains heavy but also has that fresh stadium styled metal then this band is 100% definitely one you want to check out! 


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