Scent Of Surface – As Time Puts Me To Sleep (Album Review)

I hadn’t heard of Scent Of Surface much before being contacted to doing this review, but I can safely say that I shall be following this band religiously. This album alone is spectacular from start to finish and I can’t find a specific song that I love. The introduction track to this album titled ‘’Falling Asleep’’ really shows you exactly what you should expect from a start of an album, the perfect build up to what is a perfect album. Which is mixed with aggressive but heartfelt screams and melodic cleans that get you humming the melody long after you’ve listened to it. 

I have to make a special mention to the song ‘’All My Notes’’ as the orchestral behind the instruments make this one of the fullest metalcore songs, that I have heard in a long time. If I had no choice but to choose a favourite off this album, then I feel like this song will exactly be it. Soaring cleans mixed with heartfelt screams, which make this something special, that I can fully headbang along to with a smile on my face. 

You can hear old school Swedish death metal in the riffs, while keeping up with modern trends within the music scene. This record sounds as if it could be from 10 years ago or even present times. The flows and changes in each of these songs have to be commended, as they just keep a certain rhythm that gets me moving my head, whether I actually know I am is another matter entirely.  


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