Interview with Kaleb of War Of Ages

So I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Kaleb the drummer of Metalcore band War Of Ages. They are currently signed to Facedown Records, throughout the interview we discussed Kaleb’s time within the band.

Q) So I know you didn’t join the band till fairly recently but is their any song off the back catalogue that you adore playing?

I think my favorite WOA albums of past are Eternal and Supreme Chaos, so I love playing songs from those records. I also really enjoyed learning Rudy’s drum parts from Alpha. Not sure I could pick one favorite oldie to play but Hollow Point is certainly a contender with a bit of everything I like drum wise. And of course All Consuming Fire because fans always know that one!

Q) What song would you say is a good starter song for anyone who would like your music?

I always recommend the most recent stuff we’ve put out, so our new single No Altars we put out this week would be a great start.

Q) From a drummers perspective what would you say your influences are and favourite drummers?

I have a lot of different influences! Definitely a lot of metal but I also enjoy some jazz fusion type stuff and especially living in Nashville as well as the internet age I try to study and learn something from any drummer I see doing something cool or who has a unique voice. Some top drummers of mine would be Tomas Haake, Mario Duplantier, Virgil Donati, Kai Hahto, Dirk Verbeuren, Eloy Casagrande.

Q) If there’s one band that you’d want to tour with, who is it and why?

It would be a dream of mine to tour with Opeth but I don’t know if it would be a great fit for WOA. Obviously a Metallica tour would be mind blowing. But I think a tour with In Flames would be really cool for WOA. Or if Extol does a tour again I would be totally down!

Q) What’s the weirdest show and town you’ve played in?

There are so many… we’ve played some weird venues. A couple that come to mind are Fayetteville, NC where we played in a converted strip club and Guadalajara, Mexico playing outside some massive open market selling bootleg metal shirts. Both great shows though!

Q) What would you say is your funniest tour story as a band?

There are a ton but one of my favourite things is having our sound guy Nolan along. I’ve known him a long time and almost any story involving him is hilarious to me. There was this one day we were on a long drive in Northern California and stopped at a deli, all a bit hangry and sleep deprived. Nolan, being the weird one he is, ordered a sandwich that was basically lettuce on bread. Everyone else ordered some nice tri tip or something. And when we get back in the sprinter, we all start chowing down, except Elisha who can’t find where his sandwich went. Basically Nolan had somehow switched sandwiches with Elisha and eaten the whole thing without even realizing there was meat on it, which as you can imagine created some tension at the time but we all look back on it now and laugh. Anything becomes funny when you’re loopy from days of no sleep, and I’m sure Nolan tells it best. I think he’s actually using it as a bit in his stand up routine.

Q) You see bands like Underoath who were a Christian band but don’t talk about that anymore. What has kept you guys grounded in your faith to have you keep writing music like this?

Well lyrically for the band, I’m not involved at all, that’s pretty much all Leroy. I imagine being very involved working in his church keeps him focused on faith, among other things. For me, and I think the rest of the guys can agree, it feels good to know that we can play metal and sometimes it could have a positive impact on someone. To have a fan at a show come up and say one of our songs helped them through a challenging time of their life, it means a lot.

Q) What was the meaning and writing process behind your new song No Altars?

The writing process was somewhat similar to Void. Jack, Elisha and I spent a few days at Jack’s studio going through demos and ideas, cleaning up the best of them and turning them into songs. I believe No Altars started out as something fairly complete that Steve sent in from his home tracking setup and we just structured it out a bit, got the ok from the guys and recorded the bones for the song! After, Leroy wrote and recorded vocals. As for the meaning, again I can’t speak to that 100% but Leroy has said it’s based off the biblical story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal from 1 Kings 18.

Q) What advice would you offer to bands that are just starting out and wanting to make an impact on the scene?

Practice as much as you can especially while you’re young, make music that you want to hear and not what you think will be the next big thing. Make friends in the scene, ask more experienced bands for advice and use what works for you. Don’t get an ego and watch what you post on the internet.

Q) What drum gear do you play?

Always playing Evans drumheads, so thankful for the support from them since day 1 in this band! Also playing Paiste cymbals, Tama drums and hardware, and Vater sticks.

Q) What would be your dream endorsement?

I have been a Tama player for a long time and love everything they make. But honestly using a lot of backline kits at festivals and overseas I would love to lock down some cymbals! Really been liking the Paiste stuff I’ve been using lately. But if we’re being real, if food joints like taco bell are still offering endorsements, free food is the MVP.

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