Caskets – Lost Souls (Album Review)

Caskets drop their long-awaited debut album titled ‘’Lost Souls’’ and I can guarantee that everyone that has ever followed the band will be extremely hyped to hear these songs just like I am. This album has the Caskets signature sound, with everything modern that you’d expect to sell in mainstream charts.  

I honestly thought I was ready for this release, however, after hearing it for a considerable number of times I still get goosebumps and chills. From listening to every single one of these tracks, especially listening to the lyrics that Matt Flood has written, honestly, they have made me shed a silent cry as they feel so relatable to my life in the past. 

A special mention has to go to the range and emotion shown in ‘’Hopes And Dreams’’ as it genuinely showcases everything that Matt flood has to offer vocally. It has everything you could ever need if you’re feeling in a sad stage and need something to help get you out of it. Especially with the lyrics ‘’if I fall away from my dreams would you honestly, would you honestly be there if I tore easily’’ they connected to me on a personal level. Which I am totally sure that a lot of people will be sharing the same sentiment, that I have with this song. This song specifically shows a very soft emotional build up but towards the end, of it the signature heaviness of the song comes to play and shows you that it is still a Caskets song.  

I honestly can’t describe to you and probably many people, will agree how much this album genuinely means to me within the lyrics. The band should be extremely proud of everything they’ve written. I can easily see this being mine and a lot of other people’s album of the year for 2021. I am honestly excited to see where this album takes the band, and I can’t wait to be a part of the journey.  

You can check the singles from the album titled, Lost In Echoes, Glass Heart and The Only Ones below

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